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Fetti Says® White Bourbon Beard Oil ( 2oz )


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White apple bourbon beard oil- $25 – 2oz

Ingredients- baobab oil, cactus oil, aloe Vera oil, passion fruit oil.
Scent profile- white chocolate cookie with apple bourbon.

1 oz., 2 oz.

Customer Reviews

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John Critser
White Apple Bourbon

I received this recently and just applied it today. I love this one. Very rich mild scent, feels great in my beard. This is perfectly scented. I can smell a bit of white chocolate cookie while the Bourbon holds the balance. I must buy this for variety, and I'm going to get all of Fetti Says scents because they have won me over. If you like rich scents and a fluffy beard that feels like a cashmere sweater, this is the company to shop from.

Robert Martin
White bourbon beard oil

I can't say nothing bad if i tried them smell is awesome