About us

Our History

The vision for “Fetti Says” began in a search for that one beard care product that would provide both excellent beard growth and a pleasant scent for the nose. While testing multiple products and not finding a great fit, we decided it was time to create our own. Time was granted for experimentation and testing during the pandemic of 2020, and in June of 2020, Fetti Says officially began. At Fetti Says, we take pride in our natural oils and fully organic ingredients. Our formula is especially designed to provide the ultimate beard experience. If you are seeking to gain a more refined look, establish a shine, and gain substantial growth, a rich, healthy beard is within reach. Fetti Says is here for you.

Our Mission

Fetti Says exists to provide essential tools and education to individuals seeking to activate, restore, and/or maintain their personal journey of beard growth.

Features of Our Beard Care Line

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